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Affordable Wedding Videography

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We were tempted to title this post “Cheap Wedding Videos in Merseyside” although we realised that this may be misconstrued. Put in simple terms however affordable wedding video means the same, it just implies better quality and that is important to any bride and groom.

When we say cheap we don’t mean the quality, we simply mean that our Solo Wedding Video Package offers incredible value.

Generally speaking we all enter into marriage once, or at least with that intention. It’s a day that defines us as a couple, a day that we want to remember and to share with our children and grandchildren for years to come. Very often, especially in these times of austerity, a tight wedding budget means prioritising what is important and often our judgement can become clouded, What could be more important than capturing the whole day forever?

It is with this in mind that here at Impressions Videography we have created our popular Solo package.  Offering the same quality wedding video, our Solo Package simply uses less cameras and so less cameramen resulting in a huge saving for you.

Read more about our cheapest wedding video service here. Don’t cut the video from your budget, you’d regret it for the rest of your life.


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